Austauschmöglichkeiten (Global, Erasmus)

We have provided this search option to help you find a suitable partner university abroad. Please note that cooperation agreements may be general, subject-specific, or faculty-specific.

By using the 'Level' tab, you can filter directly by Bachelor/Master or Doctorate.

Erasmus, Joint/Double Degree: Cooperation within the scope of Erasmus and Double/Joint Degree always involves subject-specific contracts which are only open to certain degree programmes. Please use the tabs 'Subject area' and 'Framework' for the search.

Global: As a rule, these contracts are not subject-specific, meaning that your eligibility does not depend on your degree programme.
Nevertheless, some contracts are only concluded for certain subject areas or are bound to certain faculties.
We thus recommend carrying out three different search for 'global' programmes:


Sorted by faculty:

General exchange opportunities:

Please visit the website of the partner university to find out whether courses, semester times and other offers are of interest to you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mobility Team in the International Office.

Please note the following: