To help you find the right partner university abroad, we provide you with this search mask. Please note that there are subject-related, faculty-related as well as non-subject-related partnership agreements.

Erasmus SMS
: The Erasmus and Double/Joint Degree partnerships are always subject-bound contracts, which are only available to the corresponding study programs.
Please use the tabs 'Subject', 'Level' & the 'Framework' ERASMUS SMS for your search.

Global: Universities in the Global Exchange are usually not subject-specific and therefore mostly independent of the study program.
Nevertheless, some contracts are only concluded for certain subject areas, or are bound to faculties.
Therefore, we recommend that you conduct three searches for Global:


Sorted by faculty:

Interdisciplinary exchange option:

Study Abroad: fee-based Study Abroad options with reduced tuition fee.

Please check the partner university's website to see if courses, semester times, and other offerings are of interest to you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mobility Team in the International Office.

Please note the following: